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JOSIAH is a Canadian play based on the true life story of Josiah Henson, the "real" Uncle Tom. One man, one bucket in a 12 x 12 square of light brings one incredible story to life.


This one-person show engages audiences with a mix of drama, dance and movement  to reveal the first chapter of Josiah Henson's life from slavery to freedom. It is a collaboration between actor, Cassel Miles, and writer/director, Charles Robertson. Using excerpts from Josiah Henson’s autobiography and vernacular from the time, Robertson creates a realistic, yet poetic dialogue. “The play takes Henson's own words and spins them into compelling theatre” explains Robertson. In addition to Josiah, there are thirty other characters in the play all played by Miles.

 Josiah Henson defied adversity. Morally brave and resilient, he is a role model.

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